Rise of Realism is a self-supporting symphonic rock band from Amsterdam in the Netherlands.


The philosophy and working methods are different then your ordinary rock band.
Led by Andreas van Amerongen, RoR gives a platform to artists of any kind, be it musicians, lyricists, artists or any other medium.

Rise of Realism was formed back in 1995.

Based in the legendary Studio Aluna complex in Amsterdam, Robert Hugo Moorman and van Amerongen formed a duo which combined heavy pounding industrial beats with hardrock and ancient poetry. They recorded many tracks, did many shows and produced the videoclip for ‘Brian and Pereene’.

KC Jay joined in '98 as drummer and in this line-up the  ’Greetingz Stranger’  CD was recorded. This earned Rise of Realism their first contract.

After this it went quiet; KC had to move to Australia due to a uncareful nighttime experience and Moorman and van Amerongen both went their separate ways. Moorman rocked on with the Chemical War Babies and van Amerongen went on to play with Exide.


Exide formed their own booking agency ‘Johnny Flinck Music’ and organized a tour in England where they, among many other places, played in the famous Cavern Club in Liverpool.

Not long after this tour the group split up and van Amerongen and Erik Jansen (drums) decided to resurrect Rise of Realism and start a new ambitious recording project.

Disaster struck when Erik Jansen was victim of a terrible accident and suddenly died in 2008. Had it not been for Exide's sound-engineer Steven ‘Gadge’ Nieuwendijk (also drummer in 10 Gauge and The Nitwitz), who filled the enormous gap Erik’s death left behind the project would surely have stopped there. During the recording process the decision was made to use as many of Erik’s drumming wherever possible. Old recordings of Erik were therefore digitized and he can be heard on many a song.

The group was completed with Richard Tseng on guitars, Martijn van Rijssel on the bass and Bas Moerbeek on the drums, and in this formation, with the help of many guests, the ambitious 5 CD boxset 'Side red, blue, green, black and purple' project was completed at the end of 2012. The stunning artwork was done by co-founder Moorman who also has appearances on backing vocals and guitar.


Carefully woven songs with symphonic influences on five EP’s, each labeled with a different color. On sides green, black, purple, red and blue you will hear flutes, violins, synthesizers, five different guitarists (LJ Robijn, Richard Tseng, Robert H. Moorman, Dre van Kouwen and Andreas van Amerongen) and the like. Even old drummer KC Jay makes an appearance on the didgeridoo on 'Needle in a haystack'.
The mastering has been done in the United States by major label mastering engineer John Vestman.


The album has been received with great acclaim in and outside the press.

Following the release of 'Side red, blue, green, black and purple' Rise of Realism performed a set of shows combining the use of video-art and live performance.

In 2015 a new studio album was released called Mirage.

Containing a more 70ish feel the album strays away from the pounding heavy beats, and is more sound orientated.

As usual Rise of Realism has different guests playing on the album, most noticeable the two female backing vocalists Mara Liem (‘Only a handful are true’ and ‘A monumental Journey’) and Jessica Rasche (‘Mirage’, ‘Is it you’ and ‘No Rush’). The mastering was once again in the hands of  John Vestman, and the artwork by co-founder Moorman, who also makes an appearance on ‘Only a handful are true’ on the acoustic guitar. 


The album has been made available in a variety of formats:

  • MP3
  • CD quality .wav
  • The film in MP4
  • And in audiogeek quality of 88Khz .wav files

You can find these files in the official digital store or alternatively via iTunes.

The film is available in streaming via the Rise of Realism YouTube channel.


Andreas van Amerongen
Richard Tseng
Martijn van Rijssel
Hans Westerink

Peter Olivier