Short and Sweet NYC on 'Mirage'

"...Rise of Realism’s Mirage is like a breath of fresh air from the mid-70’s, and well worth the listen."

Occur on 'Mirage'

"...Still keeping its rock edge, Mirage embodies the true nature of Rise of Realism's style, sound and mystique."

Aardschok on 'Side Red, Blue, Green, Black and Purple'

"...Dit project van Rise of Realism heeft de alure van een levenswerk..."

Side Red, Blue, Green, Black and Purple in Aardschok Magazine

Magic Monster Records on 'Mirage'

"...The pondering depths seep outward and color each of the eight tracks so we’re left with a cohesive record that explores an entire universe without losing specific themes of philosophy and impact through subtlety".

Static on 'Mirage'

"...With an emphasis on conceptual heaviness, the album is transcendent, deeply emotional, and takes listeners on a peaceful yet intense (inner) mind-trip."

The Big Takeover on 'Mirage'

"...The vocals are dark and menacing, like a more dramatic Leonard Cohen, and the band here has obviously taken notes from Pink Floyd on how to build and piece together a rock opera. The title track, “Mirage,” could have easily been found on an album like The Wall."

Prog Critique on 'Mirage'

"...Nous pourrions qualifier ce disque de rock progressif planant lorgnant parfois vers le rock symphonique, c’est un album reposant et plaisant à écouter".

AXS on 'Mirage'

"...Rise of Realism does a superb job with the release of their new LP Mirage. It does have many similarities to many artists from the same genre, but it still manages to emerge as its own symphonic rock album at a great level."

Adequacy on 'Mirage'

"...Rise of Realism are breaking boundaries and have carved out a unique place in the modern rock scene."

Tasty  fanzine on 'Mirage'

"...The tunes of Mirage are on the whole more mellow and flowing than what Rise of Realism has been known for, blending a slower, meditative atmosphere into the rock-oriented sonics. The lyrics-centered songs drift by on reflective male-focused sing-talking vocals and backed by female vocal accompaniment."